Graphic Design

Need some help with graphic design? We can take existing artwork meant for other mediums and format it for screen printing, or digital reproduction.

When setting up a new job, often we’re faced with challenges. It might be artwork that includes converting multi-color art into single color prints or creating color separations from artwork that isn’t in vector format. Additionally, we are often called upon by clients that may have an idea for a project but no pre-existing artwork for creating quality printable graphics.

Mission Screen Printing utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and software, including Apple workstations and all Adobe software products. Equipment is only as good as the people who use it. So, we employ talented people in the graphic design department.


We provide first-rate service and knowledge of printing techniques, allowing us to expertly handle all of your printing needs.

Finishing Services

Once your order is printed it needs time to cure. We set inks for 24-48 hours then start packing. We can either repack in the original boxes or utilize new materials you provide.

Shipping Services

Then we arrange to ship to your fulfillment center or distributor. Our finishing services allow you to have the preparation for delivery completed after printing, without having to use a third party.

Package Finishing Services

We have the ability to pack your printed items into your provided boxing, saving additional handling fees. Mission Screen Printing can also apply pressure-sensitive labels or barcodes. This service is especially great for retail items that need to be packaged individually before they are sent out. If you could use a hand with packaging and print finishing, you’ve come to just the right spot. Contact us for more information today.


Mission Screen Printing has over 20,000 square feet of space available for product storage. Our warehouse has a loading dock so you can arrange for shipment on a trailer directly to Mission Screen Printing.

In certain instances, we can arrange to store inventory for ongoing orders. This allows us to reduce customer shipping costs, turnaround time, and process orders more efficiently. With supply chains being limited, we recommend that you order your inventory when you find it. You can make arrangements with us for short-term warehousing until you have every thing in order to start printing with us.

If you have specific warehousing needs contact us for availability.